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We provide a comprehensive range of integrated customer-centric Building and Facilities management services that are tailored to meet your needs and streamline your business processes.

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Elevate AFM offering Building Management Services

We offer a complete variety of incorporated customer-centric Building and Facilities management services in Sydney


We offer business handyman services, as well as exterior facade maintenance and multi-story building repairs. We know how to get the job done right the first time, every time!


We provide clients, employees, guests, and government entities with complete one-stop facility management and building managers Sydney services and expertise, as well as systems that guarantee a hassle-free setting.


We have expertise providing building facility management services to a wide range of educational institutions, assisting in the creation of the ideal environment for the development of future leaders.


We not only provide facility management services, but we also recommend cost-cutting measures based on a thorough examination of the location. Your facility will benefit from our excellent housekeeping and excellent hospitality services.


Our staff has completed and been influential in the competent and cost-effective deployment of building facilities management procedures in private workplaces. We make streamline your processes by providing agile services.


Our devoted team designs programs, methods, and processes that allow your personnel to remain focused on the well-being of your patients while ensuring that our building management services meet worldwide standards.

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Facilities management services Mayfield NSW
Emergency Callouts
Night or day our teams are on call to assist with emergencies on your premises.
Transparent Communication
We are honest and transparent in all communication and strive to respond within 24 hours.
Strict Quality Standards
We hold ourselves to strict quality standards and ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies.

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Building Facilities Manager - FAQ

If you want to manage an apartment building, it would be beneficial to collect all of the information on the apartment complex. The floor layout, the number of units, the number of rooms, the rent amount, and an official apartment rental application should all be included. Furthermore, engaging a professional for this job would make it much easier and less time-consuming!
The regular inspection, operations, and maintenance of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and properties are overseen by building managers. They communicate with tenants and property owners, plan and manage maintenance, sanitation, and security activities, and verify that the facility meets regulatory requirements and rules.
Building services, often known as mechanical and electrical (M&E) services, are managed by a building services manager. The function entails the design, implementation, and maintenance of critical building services and equipment, such as water, gas, electricity, and lighting, heating, and air conditioning.
Facilities management provides a wide range of commercial services to look after and maintain your premises’ structure, hardware systems, and aesthetics. Facilities management is responsible for the service, maintenance, and repair of hardware such as central heating, air conditioning, electrics, lighting, roofs, gardens, and the construction and decoration of buildings.
Hard and soft facility management are the two basic categories of facility management. Hard facilities management refers to services that deal with the physical structure of a building and the systems that keep it running smoothly and safely. Pest control, cleaning, grounds care, and security are areas that soft facilities management services undertake and overlap with property management.
An excellent facilities management company will take care of the servicing, regular maintenance, and repairs of a property and its hardware, as well as environmental, security, health, and safety concerns, allowing the client, owner, and management staff to function efficiently, effectively, and securely without having to monitor and organise these aspects themselves.
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